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The first thing you need to do in opening and running a ClickBank account is to get a foreign address ( a US address or an address which Clickbank reaches) . That can be an address of someone related to you outside Nigeria. All you need to do is to inform the person about this. Once he/she agrees, you should use his/her foreign address when opening a Clickbank account. To open a clickbank account visit (www. and click on the singup or register button on the site menu bar, and fill the appropriate information’s. This is all you need to open and run a ClickBank account right here in Nigeria without using Graphcard. You account will be accepted then you can safely promote the products and earn while you do so.

You don’t necessarily need to withdraw the money you make. You can use it to pay for goods and services online. The goods will be delivered to the address you signed up with. From there, you get the goods you ordered for.

How To Open Clickbank account using Graphcard

If you don’t have anyone with a foreign address, then the next thing I would be revealing to you will be of greater benefit to you. You will need to make use of a service company called GraphCard at They will offer you a virtual address, US telephone number and ability to use VISA card. By ‘virtual address’, I mean a specific and personalized US address. This you won’t get for free anyway. It will cost you less than $5 monthly to keep using their services.

Registering at Graphcard as a Nigerian is FREE but you will have to pay for the virtual address if you want to use it for your Clickbank registration. The Virtual address is what you need to open your ClickBank account.

To get the virtual address, you will need to fund your Graph Card account using Virtual Terminal Network (VTN). You can fund your VTN account by paying into VTN Nigerian bank accounts after which you can transfer your VTN funds to Graphcard, so as to pay for your virtual address.

Once your Graph Card account is funded in less than 10 seconds you will have your own virtual address created instantly just for you. After which you should go to ClickBank to register and sign up with the virtual address.

When opening a ClickBank account you will be asked for the payee name. In the payee name box, just put : LFR COMMUNICATIONS INC as it is stated in the virtual address given to you. Use the virtual address that Graph Card gave to you as the place you want your check to be sent to. You can put your own real name in the "First Name" and "Last Name" boxes. Once you do this simple step above, in less than 8 minutes you will be able to open your own ClickBank account right here in Nigeria without any problem.

I hope this helps!

Wondering how to cash the checks despite using LFR COMMUNICATIONS INC as the "payee name"? Well, another post will be published with regards to this sometime soon. Hence, if you do not want to miss it, just SUBSCRIBE to this blog, so that you can receive it DIRECTLY into your email inbox, even when you are not online
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