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Here is just a few tips on how to be a winning affiliate this report is writing from few experience I have about affiliate marketing please make sure you say your view adout this post by commenting. so I could know how you feel about it and more ways to solve your problems.
(1.) Are you a struggling ClickBank affiliate? Successful
Well there's two vital things you must do to beat the competition. Affiliating
This short guide will tell you exactly what they are.
And we end with a viral idea - which means a super residual income can be YOURS.
By the way if you are wondering what are my credentials for writing a post about
Clickbank well
- I have been an affiliate of clickbank product since 2007 and I have been making my
- I help to solve problem experienced by other clickbank vendor and affliates in forums
That deals with clickbank e.g. Clickbank Success Forum with over 12,000 members.
- I have authored many posts about clickbank.
That just a little of what I can say for now. Back to the main topic
(2). What you must tell your customer
You've decided what product to promote.
You have the affiliate link.
Are you going to stick that affiliate link into an ad and post it somewhere - like a free classified ad site or a
Traffic exchange . . .
No, you must have a proper presell page.
At this point you might be thinking - "wait I don't have a website to hold a presell page".
Hold on - we'll sort this out in a moment.
Now what shall we put on this page
- the same sample copy provided by the vendor and used by hundreds of his other affiliates ?
- fragments of sales copy that you have snatched from his site ?
No. You are going to put your own personal review of the product.
If it is an ebook show your visitor that you have read it, what you learned, how you used it, what were the
results . . .
If it is a software tool what was it like to install and to run, how does it benefit you . . .
Make it interesting, lively, inviting.
Make a brief mention of a feature and say the details are available at the product site.
Leave the reader in a state of excitement saying "I must click through to the site to get all the information".
(3). What you must deliver to your customer
Great. Your visitor is hooked.
He's going to buy the product.
And you get the commission.
Alas no.
You see - he visited the site, was 95% sure to buy, then did some more searching to convince himself, and
returned to the site via another's link.
You know the ClickBank rule. The last affiliate gets the sale.
You need him to buy through YOUR affiliate link.
So - how do you do that ?
The best way - you promise him that if he buys through your link you will send him an enticing bonus book.
At which point I expect you to say
"Oh thank you Harvey - for nothing.
Is that what I've downloaded this book for ?
I don't have a bonus book.
I don't want the hassle of arranging a bonus to be sent after the sale.
Heck I don't even have a site to put a presell page on."
Well I'm glad you told me that.
How would you like it if the bonus was sent automatically ?
How would you like to choose the bonus from a free Catalog designed for this very purpose ?
Well I am going to tell you about a service which does this. There's nothing to install and you can try it out for
3.1 But wait . . .
There remains the small matter of having a website to put the presell page on and learning how to create
webpages and upload them.
Well - let's make it easier.
All you need is a Blog.
Blogs are the greatest invention for the online marketer.
Putting a presell page on a blog is simply a matter of writing it then pressing a button.
Forget the need for web design tools and the language called HTML. That's past history.
So that now leaves you with the problem of
- hunting around for a hosting company
- paying hosting fees
- setting up the blog
Well fear not . . .
All that is thrown in for free as an extra with easyClickBank Bonus Manager !!

(4). A viral bonus
How about promoting and earning residual income for a system which is geared to turning ClickBank affiliates
into winners.
That's what easyClickBank Bonus Manager and the hosting package provide.
It's just a small part of the Catalog Membership system brought to you by the owners of the ClickBank
I hope this helps a lot.


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